23rd August 2017

Wetherby Manor Travels Back in Time

Residents, families and staff really looked the part to revisit the 1960s for a special themed day on 20 August.

Senior carer Janet Ashton organised the event. She said: “There was a great buzz about the whole day with lots for everyone to enjoy including songs, dancing and live entertainment.

“People really got into the swing of things, the costumes were amazing. Quite a few people chose to go with the flower power look, and we also had Twiggy-inspired outfits and a mod and a rocker!”

Wetherby Manor’s first themed day this year was in June, based on the 1940s, and was so popular that everyone who took part wanted to do something similar again. Many residents were involved with the planning for the 1960’s day and more people joined in. Planning is now underway for a spooktacular Hallowe’en day in October.

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