20th May 2016

Virtual Reality Wows Residents at The Manor House Gosforth

A taste of future technology has impressed residents at The Manor House care home in Gosforth.

Wearing lightweight virtual reality headsets they have ‘revisited’ favourite places and seen wildlife in close up with Newcastle-based company Reminiscience.

Janette Gillespie, lifestyle coordinator at The Manor House said: “It is an incredibly realistic experience with sound as well as vision. Our residents have seen places they visited on holiday or where they grew up, from local beaches to Belfast, Milan and the Blue Mountains in Australia.

“Each session has stimulated lots of conversations about what people are seeing and hearing, their memories and the technology. They have been really delighted by their experiences.”

Reminiscience was set up by Ashley Stokeld and Jack Brinn earlier this year. They use a special set up of six cameras to create the videos with their own software and apps. The headsets are customised to be more user friendly for elderly people.

Jack said: “The headsets are controlled from a tablet, so we see what the person is seeing and can talk about it together. It’s a new approach to reminiscence with elderly people, we’re very pleased with the responses to it.”

The sessions are part of a lively activities and events programme at The Manor House which residents can take part in as they choose, often with family and friends. The Manor House is one of six luxury care homes in the North East and Yorkshire owned and run by Hadrian Healthcare Group.

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