Ian Watson Chairman

Ian Watson, Owner and Chairman of the Hadrian Healthcare Group continues to be actively involved in the day to day running of the Care Homes, a factor many attribute to the outstanding reputation Hadrian enjoys for providing high quality care in exceptionally high quality Homes.

Morag Purvis

As owner and Chairman of the Hadrian Healthcare Group, I am extremely proud of the reputation we have gained for being the North’s premier provider of elderly accommodation and care services.

I am passionate about our commitment to excellence and our aim is always to provide person centered and compassionate care within a luxurious, carefully designed, homely setting.

We focus on preserving elderly clients’ dignity, as well as allowing residents to be as independent as possible.


Jas Gill

We will work together with residents and families to ensure that all of our residents continue to get the best out of their life and to do that we will provide a tailored plan of assistance and care within a stimulating and homely environment.

Please feel free to call and visit any of our Homes at any time and see for yourself why we are the number one care provider - I promise you will be impressed!

Morag Purvis, Operations Director, knows only too well of the difficult and emotional decisions involved for every person and their family when considering moving to a new home.

Let me assure you that most people find that they settle into their new home with us very quickly and in most cases their quality of life improves with such a move.

Those who may have felt isolated can enjoy companionship and those who have been struggling to cope previously can find a new level of independence.

Our Home Manager and staff will give every client and their family all of the support they need, both in emotional and practical terms when considering or indeed making such a move.


Contact us

T: 0191 460 5219
E: headoffice@hhcare.co.uk


We recognise that everyone is an individual and should be treated as such. To achieve this personalisation, our care is based around a person centered Care Plan tailored to the exact needs of the resident and their family.

We want our residents to feel very much at home and we encourage residents to maintain their independence and where possible, lead a full and active lifestyle whilst always being reassured that support and help is available when required.

Please don’t forget our Home Managers and Customer Service Managers are always available to spend time with you and your family - come and see us at anytime!